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Who's the Boss Game #2922

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This game is moderated by SirHar. Please read the rules and contact the moderator with any questions or concerns about this game.

Voting / Memo Discussion
This game finished in 5 rounds.

Discussion of Round #5

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Posted: 11:40AM Feb 16, 2013

Posted: 061PM Feb 15, 2013 Quote Edit Post Delete
Guys I'm gonna have to level with you here. I'm the rat, and if we keep going down this avenue, it will end with a loss on my record, and I just wont stand for that. What we need to do is switch our votes to either Harry or Green or Celt or Spider, or possibly Jayo but that would put us right back into this same mess and around and around and around we go in some kind of shape i dare not try to define. If we follow Skybet's testimony we know that Harry and Spider can not be the boss rat combo, the chain explaining this link is so thick and intricate it would take a Will Hunting or an expert liar to convince you of it.

So let's put our cards on the table and be honest with eachother and admit we really don't know what is happening, not just in WTB, but in life.
Can you imagine what I would do if I could do all I

ALL I can say is ........GOOD FRICKEN GRIEF!!!!! Spider wtf was ruined a perfectly good game!!!! Thank you...and I will save this when you attack my play I will have it handy...Nice job Jayo...I wish you would have had a decent rat....

the stronger the fed govt gets the less you free you will be,,,,This is a no brainer...
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Posted: 12:04PM Feb 16, 2013

Nice Job Harry Ga and celt.......Thanks for saving the free world from tyranny ...You got lucky had Joe Beiden as the rat......

the stronger the fed govt gets the less you free you will be,,,,This is a no brainer...
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Posted: 12:37PM Feb 16, 2013

The situation was hopeless, sitting there doing nothing wasnt gonna change things, so I took a wild gamble, yeah it was pretty hopeless but I thought maybe they would believe I was setting up Round 5 randomness or just be so WTF they might start thinking I was trying something.

My intention was not to "give you up" Jayo, but being content with following a losing course to its end is the way of the coward, it is the way of the Har.

Please give Har the modding he deserves, because I am sick of doing everything right as a mod and having the same ratings as Har who does everything wrong, and comically wrong at that. Had you not cleared Harry there may have been some flexiblity, honestly I'm so sick and tired of you as a mod I wont be joining any more of your games.

---This message was edited on 2013-02-16 12:38:50---

Can you imagine what I would do, if I could do all I can ~ Sun Tzu
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Posted: 02:17PM Feb 16, 2013

Har is an entertaining mod

WW database -
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Posted: 02:37PM Feb 16, 2013

Thank you Harry.....Spidley pooh did some one pis$ on your cheerios????

the stronger the fed govt gets the less you free you will be,,,,This is a no brainer...
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Posted: 02:47PM Feb 16, 2013

Nice game Har, sorry I couldn't quite pull it off!

Well played everyone

Yeah, I just got into the Tyrant character and went off on one during the memos haha

Dovie'andi se tovya sagain
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Posted: 02:49PM Feb 16, 2013

I actually thought that was my BEST effort to date ...but alas ..those who don't see it never will...and those who at least claim to ignore me and be game players...and win inspite of me ...cant even do THAT....and then cry about spilled milk...when in fact they should look at themselves....this game was winnable for the tyrant...He was awesome!!!!!Jayo you gained a whole new level of respect from me....

Spider my friend and savior ....I love you man but GOOD GRIEF!!!!

and as far as the rhetoric...Who thinks my psych questions will appear on the "Recently used Psyche question" box help future bosses??????

the stronger the fed govt gets the less you free you will be,,,,This is a no brainer...
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Posted: 03:34PM Feb 16, 2013

Jeff, as a player I enjoy you in my games, as a moderator, you are useless, I'm sorry to tell you.

Jayo, considering the circumstances, you did really well! Didn't think it was you at all!
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Posted: 10:02AM Feb 17, 2013

never thought it was you jayo

very odd ending, very odd

good game

thanks sir

This space is intentionally left blank.
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Posted: 10:03AM Feb 17, 2013

Thanks Ga between you and Spider I get a 2 star rating ....Good grief...I sweat BLOOD over this game...and THIS is the thanks I get?????

Even fricken HARRY was "entertained..."

If you cant handle the TRUTH,,,,then I cant help you!!!!


the stronger the fed govt gets the less you free you will be,,,,This is a no brainer...
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