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Who's the Boss Game #3032

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This game is moderated by SaraGrace. Please read the rules and contact the moderator with any questions or concerns about this game.

Voting / Memo Discussion
This game finished in 6 rounds.

Discussion of Round #6

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Posted: 02:34PM Dec 16, 2013

RFM (sorry forgot!)

Thanks DP! Good job guys.. there were no more than two inactives per round.. Great job sammie and winners! I would say this was a great and far game.. sorry if you didn't like it for inactives.. I will be more strict next time for sure..
-Secret Agent Mod

4 stars! Very fun but too many inactive players

---This message was edited on 2013-12-16 19:22:37---
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Posted: 03:32PM Dec 16, 2013

I thought I voted D:

DP don't rate the players, rate the mod

Happy ever after in the marketplace, Desmond lets the children lend a hand. Molly stays at home and does her pretty face, and in the evening she's the singer with the band!
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Posted: 04:17PM Dec 16, 2013

Ehh... But the players have an influence on the mods modding ability. It was a small factor in my decision... But if there had been more active players and the good cop bad cop thing had worked better it would have been a five. Fours still good though...
I guess I should have RFMEed.... Okay Sara you can use my above post.
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Posted: 05:49PM Dec 16, 2013

What? Inactives? There were no inactives, DP.

Sammie was the boss against all odds.

"Some men just want to watch the world burn." -Alfred Pennyworth, The Dark Knight
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Posted: 06:05PM Dec 16, 2013

There were 5 manditories... seems like a significant portion of inactives to me.

Good game everyone! Glad we were able to get the boss!

Oh, and remember that Sam had an equal chance of being the boss this game as all of the rest of us.

"Wir müssen wissen, und wir werden wissen." -David Hilbert
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Posted: 07:10PM Dec 16, 2013

Yeah... The inscribed were thrown out at the beginning, but as with any game with inactive a it took away from the amoun of active players.
And Sammie was the boss last time.
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Posted: 07:47PM Dec 16, 2013

It would have been funny if you were the rat again, like last game.

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Posted: 07:48PM Dec 16, 2013

dangerouspie101 wrote:
And Sammie was the boss last time.

I understand that... the game choosing who the boss is is an independent event, which means in a game of 15, all players have a 1/15 chance of being the boss, regardless of their role the last game. So, it was just as likely for me to be the boss (1/15) as it was for Sam to be the boss (1/15).

Now, if you want to look at what are the chances of being the boss two times in a row, now that is a different problem.

"Wir müssen wissen, und wir werden wissen." -David Hilbert
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Posted: 05:23PM Dec 20, 2013

Exactly when I saw that I was very surprised... I thought it was a little ironic.

"I am on a roller coaster that only goes up my friends." -Augustus Water (TFIOS)
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