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Ricardo, Steve, and Will went to a restaurant. They each ordered different dishes, and when they left, they each took a different flavor of mint. The dishes that they ordered were Chicken Soup, Greek Salad, and Steak. The types of mints available were Classic, Lemon, and Menthol.


Ricardo did not order the steak.
The person that ordered the salad didn't have menthol.
Steve (who did not have the classic mint) did not order the salad.
Will ordered the soup.
Will did not have the lemon mint.
Steve did not have the menthol.
The person who ordered the soup did not have a classic mint.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by BeanSC10/24/11
Fun and easy. Thanks!

Posted by Oldcustard11/01/11
Fun, but I think it was a slight bit too easy. Good job though :D

Posted by jhosek11/01/11
The last clue was not needed

Posted by kmrutledge11/20/12
Pretty good teaser if I do say so myself. :D

Posted by vlreed11/11/13
The last 3 clues actually were not needed.


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