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Submitted By:spikethru4
Fun:*** (2.62)
Difficulty:**** (3.23)

Twelve players took part in a Scrabble tournament, where each played seven games against different opponents. From the clues below, can you work out what order the top five finished in, how many games they won, their last opponent, and their highest word (HW) and game (HG) scores for the tournament?

Top 5: Chris (m), Dianne (f), Edie (f), Russell (m), Sally (f)
Opponents: Carolyn (f), Judy (f), Mark (m), Russell (m), Sally (f)
Games won: 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6
High Game scores: 470, ?, 576, ?, 601
High Word scores: 90, ?, 97, ?, 121

You will need to determine the missing high game and high word scores. They are presented in numerical order, and all the scores are different. Note also that a drawn game counts as half a win for both players.

1. The top five players were, in some order: the eventual winner; Carolyn's final opponent; the player with the best game score; the player with the best word score; and Chris.
2. Sally got off to a bad start, losing both her opening games before winning her third.
3. The only tie of the tournament was played between two ladies in game 3.
4. Edie's best game score was a perfect square; the only other player to achieve this came third.
5. The two players whose high game scores were in the 500's had high word scores ending in 5.
6. Only one of the top five played someone of the same gender in the last game; the winner of that match scored 576, their best score for the day.
7. Dianne was delighted to join the '600 Club' in game 5 against Carolyn; this eclipsed Russell's best by 4 points.
8. The champion's highest word score was exactly eight more than that of Mark's last opponent, who finished below Chris.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by J-Five07/13/13
Brilliant, it looks challenging!

Posted by spikethru407/14/13
Thank you; that was the aim. ;)

Posted by extremeblueness07/15/13
This was a true challenge to work out. I have to say, I quite enjoyed it. My biggest challenge was realizing that Russell played Sally last when I had already figured out that Sally played Russell last. Quite boneheaded of me, I must say.

Posted by spikethru407/15/13
Don't you just hate it when that happens? :lol:

Posted by trewq07/21/13
wonderful teaser! it looks intimidating, and I certainly had to turn on my little grey cells but it was worth it! I have no idea how you come up with such good clues, btw--they didn't immediately give anything away, but taken together they made the puzzle quite doable :) I like it!!

Posted by spikethru407/22/13
Thanks trewq; glad you enjoyed it.

Posted by J-Five07/25/13
By the way are you related to Einstein?

Posted by spikethru407/25/13
No, but I do have ein Stein for drinking beer out of.

Posted by J-Five08/08/13
I read online my last name is German for a one liter beer mug. To make things worse my first name means healer.

Posted by WrknMom11/19/13
Loved this!!

Posted by mom_rox03/17/14
excellent puzzle! The trickiest part for me was figuring out the last game opponents since it wasn't a simple 5x5 matrix. Very nice twist.


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