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1 The hypotenuse is the longest side in a right triangle. Science > Math 05/20/08
2 The natural logarithm is defined as a logarithm to base e. Science > Math 05/24/08
3 Fermat's Last Theorem states that for any integer value of n greater than 2, there are no non-zero integer solutions for x^n + y^n = z^n. Science > Math 05/29/08
4 A googol contains a 1 followed by 100 zeros. Science > Math 05/31/08
5 A/An isosceles triangle has exactly two sides that are equal in length. Science > Math 06/05/08
6 A/An scalene triangle has no sides that are the same length. Science > Math 06/06/08
7 The one hundredth digit of pi after the decimal point is nine. Science > Math 06/08/08
8 A/An equilateral triangle is one in which all three sides are of an equal length. Science > Math 06/11/08
9 A surface with only one side and one edge is known as a Möbius strip. Science > Math 06/15/08
10 The slope of a line is calculated using m=(y2-y1) / (x2-x1). Science > Math 06/25/08
11 The midpoint of a line is calculated with the equation M = (x1 + x2) /2, (y1 + y2) /2. Science > Math 07/01/08
12 The base of the vigesimal is 20. Science > Math 08/06/08
13 The base of the decimal system is ten. Science > Math 08/08/08
14 The base of the binary system is 2. Science > Math 08/12/08
15 The base of the quinary system is 5. Science > Math 08/14/08

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