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Puzzle ID:#24144
Fun:*** (2.94)
Difficulty:*** (2.8)
Submitted By:cinnamon30Aca****!!




Garth and four other members of the Benton Remote Control Model Airplane Club took their hobby indoors and began working on long-term winter projects. Each member (each of whom holds a different executive office in the club) set up a new, uncluttered workbench in a different room of his or her home to construct a scale model of a different airplane. The modelers worked at different speeds. No two modelers spent the same amount of time on their projects. From the info provided, can you determine the model (one is a Bleriot XI) each modeler constructed, the office each modeler holds in the club, the room each one worked in and the number of weeks (6, 7, 8, 9, or 10) each modeler took to finish his or her project?

Modelers - Daniel, Garth, Gilda, Jerry, Thea
Office - alternate officer, president, secretary, treasurer, vice-president
Model - A6M2 Zero, Bleriot XI, Fokker D VII, Messerschmitt Me 109, P-51D Mustang
Room - Bedroom, Den, Family, Sunroom, workroom
Weeks - 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

1. The vice-president, who isn't the one who built a model in six weeks, isn't the one who built a model in the bedroom.

2. The secretary's model took fewer weeks to construct than did the A6M2 Zero. Neither Jerry nor Thea is the secretary; Thea constructed a model of a Fokker D VII.

3. The club's alternate officer took exactly eight weeks to complete a model.

4. Daniel took exactly one week fewer to construct his model than did the person who built a model in the den, who took exactly one week fewer to build a model than did the secretary.

5. The model that was built in the sunroom, which is not the one that was constructed by the president, didn't take ten weeks to construct.

6. The five modelers are the one who built a model in the family room, the treasurer, the one who built the P-51D Mustang, the vice-president, and the one who took seven weeks to finish a model.

7. Gilda's model took fewer weeks to finish than did the Messerschmitt Me 109.

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