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Puzzle ID:#24742
Fun:*** (3.06)
Difficulty:*** (2.41)
Submitted By:tjm531*****
Corrected By:silly_goose




On a rainy night, five gnomish characters huddled on stools at the bar of Rumplestiltskin's Place and told their sad tales. Each had once had the good fortune to come across a beautiful maiden who was desperate to complete a different formidable task to win a king's hand in marriage. Each gnome agreed to help, but only in exchange for the maiden's first born child. Although the women hastily agreed, when the time came to pay their dues, they naturally resisted. Each gnome offered one final bargain. If the maiden could guess his name, she could keep her new born baby. Since each gnome had a rather odd name, he felt safe in offering the maiden a different number of guesses. Each was therefore horrified when he returned to the woman only to hear her promptly and calmly reciting his name! From the information provided, can you determine the name of the gnome who helped each woman and the task she had to complete, as well as the number of guesses each woman was given?

Gnomes: Arklesblatt, Dinkleberry, Haycocklebloo, Sneedermon, Zizzyrimple

Women: Bianca, Diana, Ione, Katrina, Valerie

Task: Crush rocks into diamonds, Roll roses into rubies, Spin flax into silver, Stir broth into myrrh, Stomp string into silk.

# of Guesses: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

1. The woman who needed to spin flax into silver (who isn't Diana) didn't negotiate with Haycocklebloo. Dinkleberry didn't give a queen either two or three guesses.

2. Queen Katrina was given fewer guesses than the woman helped by Sneedermon (who didn't get either four or six guesses) but more chances than the lady Zizzyrimple assisted.

3. Valerie promised the king that she could roll roses into rubies. Neither Arklesblatt nor Haycocklebloo helped either Valerie or Diana. With Zizzyrimple's assistance, Ione won the king's hand in marriage.

4. The woman who was given six guesses (who isn't the one Dinkleberry helped) isn't the one who vowed she could stir broth into myrrh.

5. Bianca (who wasn't required to spin flax into silver) is neither the woman Haycocklebloo helped nor the one who was trying to crush rocks into diamonds. Diana wasn't granted four guesses.

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