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Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Puzzle ID:#45787
Fun:**** (3.25)
Difficulty:*** (2.76)
Submitted By:dalfamnestAnz******




If you throw me from the window,
I will leave a grieving wife.
Bring me back, but in the door, and
You'll see someone giving life!

What am I?

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Nov 22, 2009

I loved this teaser, so much fun

Hee hee
Nov 22, 2009

Hey, how do you get points?
I really need to know! I am 5 days old, and tommorow, if I don't have 250 points! Please help!
Dec 05, 2009

Very clever. Loved it!
Dec 07, 2009

Thanks, Jake and Alice (even if you say this about everyone, Alice!! ). It just came to my mind one evening and I thought it cute and quick!
Dec 30, 2009

That's very clever.
Dec 30, 2009

That was tricky, but I liked it!
Dec 30, 2009

Wow that was pretty good. It did trick me too!
Dec 30, 2009

Very good! I would never have guessed it.
Dec 30, 2009

Very clever, I liked it. Didn't get it, but I still like it.
Dec 30, 2009

Sorry, didn't care much for this one.
Dec 30, 2009

Dec 31, 2009

Wow, that never even entered my mind. Great teaser, keep em comin!
Feb 14, 2010

This made know sense at all. How could come on live Braingle with this senseless


I scored you high, for having the Gaul.

Good Work. I was waiting for this fantastic answer, and BAM.
Feb 14, 2010

ok, ok , ok, I am trying.

Who are We? ok, ok, I did like DoNor... I think...

I am not thinking
Apr 21, 2010

Riddle well written! 4.5/5*
Jun 29, 2010

haha!!! nice!
Apr 13, 2011

Good one.
Oct 22, 2011

Personally, I think it works just as well as a statement about the chaos of our culture which has even affected our eating habits. Most of the time food is thrown out of a drive through window in a robotic, impersonal, inhuman manner, shattering the idea of the nuclear family and saddening our mothers that worked so hard to raise us in a loving environment. But if you take the time to walk into a place and enjoy the food socially, you'll be living again.

lulz. jk.
Nov 03, 2011

Wow, Fermats - I never thought I could be so philosophical! You must be one of those guys who writes reviews of abstract art!! AND you make a great point about society.
Dec 30, 2012

Very clever and enjoyable. Did not get it , but it still was a good one.
Dec 30, 2012

Really liked it, I did not come up with the answer but once I saw the answer it made perfect sense. Those are the best ones. Now off to see if I can stump others with it.
Dec 30, 2012

I LOVED this one! Very clever - thanks!
Dec 30, 2012

Haven't changed my mind since 2009.
Dec 30, 2012

Terrific teaser. Well written, makes perfect sense, and a great sense of wordplay. I don't often comment, but this one deserves it. Great job.
Dec 30, 2012

Loved it!
Dec 31, 2012

Well, i almost got it. I assumed it was 'Letter'. The lette rbeing thrown out of the window would leave a grieving wife, because the letter could be of a dead husband at war.
If the letter is coming throught the door, then new life could be that letter was a college acceptance letter, making ay for a better life.
Dec 30, 2015

My English teacher in fifth grade gave this teaser to us. It took us almost a week to figure it out! Ah, nostalgia. great teaser.
Dec 30, 2015

Clever teaser. I didn't remember it, but I see I commented on it in 2012.

Happy New Year everyone!
Dec 30, 2015

Same as my last two comments.
Dec 27, 2016

good one. you can find more such good riddles here:

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