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Letter Juggle 2

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#46643
Fun:**** (3.1)
Difficulty:** (1.32)
Submitted By:MarcM1098Aca*****




Take the given words, and by moving a single letter from one word to the other, make a pair of synonyms, or near synonyms. For example, given: Boast - Hip, move the 's' from 'Boast' to 'Hip' creating two synonyms: Boat - Ship.

1. East - Up
2. West - Oak
3. Blog - Ranch
4. Over - Plaint
5. Outage - Ranger

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May 09, 2010

I like these.
May 09, 2010

Very fun even though I couldn't think of #4...great teaser!
May 09, 2010

I got all but 4, the hint gave it away. I was so focused on "plant" I forgot about "plain". Easy and fun ;)
May 09, 2010

I got every one of them correct, but I couldn't figure out problem number four.
May 15, 2010

Easy but fun.
May 17, 2010

hey that was pretty fun, and i'm a pretty tough critic!
May 27, 2010

I didn't know words "sup" and "overt" but I still got A+
May 09, 2013

That was a fun one to figure out. Got them all but #4 I am not alone on that one.
May 09, 2013

I got them all correct, once I changed LOVER & PAINT to OVERT & PLAIN. LOL I love these puzzles! Thanks for posting!
May 09, 2013

Loved it. I also got stuck on #4 and was disappointed with myself when I saw what it was. Should have got it.
May 09, 2013

Interesting, although not much of a challenge.
May 09, 2013

I had to think just a little harder for number 4, but got them all. Very Fun Quiz.
May 09, 2016

simple yet fun
May 09, 2016

Even though this is a repeat, it is still a good one! Thanks!

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