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Dream Rides

Logic Grid puzzles come with a handy interactive grid that will help you solve the puzzle based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#44946
Fun:*** (2.65)
Difficulty:*** (2.48)
Submitted By:mrsfessler*




5 American friends were excited about their upcoming 16th birthdays and getting their driver's licenses. What they weren't excited about was the cars their parents owned that they would soon be driving (one was a Ford Focus). Each had a "dream ride" (one was a Ford Mustang) that they one day hoped to own. From the clues provided, determine each teen's first and last name, the color and model of their parents' cars and the model of their dream rides.

1. The owners of the two blue cars were Mr. Lusk and the Buick Regal's owner. The other cars were owned by Christopher's mom, Mrs. Emery and the owner of the Nissan Sentra.
2. Glenn's dad and the girl who wanted the Chrysler Crossfire's mom owned imported cars. Mrs. Harper, Elizabeth's parent, and the one whose child wanted the Chevy Camaro did not.
3. The 5 teens were the one who wanted the Dodge Ram, Austin, the ones whose parents drove the Ford Taurus and Nissan Sentra and the daughter of the one who drove the white car.
4. Mr. Lange and Karen's mom owned the white and green cars in some order. The one who wanted the Chevy Corvette called his mom's car "The Black Bomb."
5. Mr. Wallace's daughter loved pickup trucks! The Toyota Corolla was owned by either Mrs. Emery or Mr. Lusk.

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Toyota and Nissan are imports
Dodge Ram is a pickup truck


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Jul 28, 2009

That was one I really had to take my time on but worth the effort! Great puzzle!
Jul 31, 2009

I enjoyed this one!
Aug 09, 2009

Since I have friends--male and female--named Austin, I had trouble determining who wanted the Crossfire and who wanted the Camaro. Is there a way to do that if Austin is female or must you assume that Karen and Elizabeth are the only two females?
Aug 10, 2009

Karenand Elizabeth are theonly two females
Aug 11, 2009

this teaser was really good
Oct 23, 2010

Nice puzzle! I was struggling until I brought up a Wordpad page to work out the male and female parents, since matching them up is necessary to solve the puzzle. Once I did this, the rest came very easily.

I do think it was probably necessary to assume Austin was a boy. I'm not positive, as I made this assumption and all came out well.
May 22, 2011

Good puzzle...enjoyed it
Jan 11, 2013

Thanks very much for making! A nice challenge
Aug 28, 2016

Great teaser! as others have stated I found it to be a nice challenge. That said, the last part of the final clue isn't needed. All that is necessary is the sex of Wallace's daughter and the kind of car she wanted.

I had to solve it twice to notice this though. No harm in a little extra info

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