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Gift to Epimethius

Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Puzzle ID:#23207
Fun:*** (2.97)
Difficulty:** (1.81)
Submitted By:irishthistleAus****
Corrected By:scm14




I had a mistress, with beauty and grace,
With a curious hand and fair of face.
She was the first on earth, and made of clay.
I was a gift to Epimethius on their wedding day.
The Gods, they warned her to let me be.
But none of their warnings did she heed.
You see, my mistress was alone one day,
When to me her inquisitive hand did stray.
She gave you sickness, destruction, and greed,
And all of the things from which evil does feed.
But do not be angry, do not mope.
The last she gave you? It was hope.

What am I and who was my mistress?


The poem is written from the point of view of Pandora's Box; "my mistress" refers to Pandora.

According to Greek mythology, Pandora was created out of clay. Before Pandora, there were only men on earth. Pandora was fashioned by Zeus as part of his punishment for Prometheus' theft of the secret of fire. She was gifted with beauty, grace, musical talent and a gift for healing. Finally, Zeus gave her curiosity. He gave her as a gift to Epimethius and presented the box as her dowry, telling them both not to open it. Pandora's curiosity got the better of her and she opened the box releasing all the evil that is in the world today. However, some good came from it; at the bottom of the box was hope.


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May 27, 2005

Pandora's Box, cool.
May 27, 2005

Good, hard riddle
May 27, 2005

Hey I actually found this one to be easy, but I already knew alot about Pandora's box so that's probably why. Anyway I liked it, great job.
May 27, 2005

I found this one to be easier, as well, but the idea of the clue-giver being an inanimate object is a clever twist.
May 27, 2005

I just learned about this at school today so it was pretty easy.
May 28, 2005

I agree with Katelin. If you know this, its pretty easy. and this is a common myth
May 29, 2005

Pretty close to Eve and the apple! Interesting .. nice poetry!
May 29, 2005

awsome riddle, really well written, but a bit easy
May 31, 2005

A good riddle, but the answer is clear even on the first line if you know who Epimethius is.
Jun 09, 2005

I got it YEAH Good teaser
Jun 09, 2005

i got it!!!!!!!!! yeah!!!!!!!!! (i might have only gotten it because i'm greek!!!!!!!!!!!! GREEKS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) love pandora too. thinks she's awesome. GREAT GREAT GREAT teaser!!! love it!!!
Jun 12, 2005

Very creative and very well written. Enjoyed this one and especially enjoyed the poetry.
Jul 06, 2005

Nice teaser....very well written and the poetic construction was a nice bonus.
Sep 04, 2005

I knew it at the back of my head... I read about Pandora, but I just forgot her name!!! good teaser - going in my favs
Sep 15, 2005

I got it once I looked up who Epimethius was Very good! Keep em coming
Feb 05, 2006

very clever i loved it keep it up
Apr 05, 2006

Jul 01, 2006

Excellent teaser! It was a bit obvious after I read line 9.
Aug 18, 2006

Excellent! Very well done!
Nov 20, 2008

Good Riddle. I got it right off because I know a bunch of Greek mythology, but didn't know the clay part. That was interesting to find out. The only problem I have is that I thought that when Pandora opened the box and all the bad things came out, she shut the box and the only thing that remained was Hope. Hope was left trapped in the box. She opened the box to let it out? Never heard that part of the myth. But I liked it.
Nov 20, 2008

Actually, Pandora closed the box fast enough to keep hope in. To the ancient mind, hope was the worst of all evils. Hope was a trick of the gods to make man dissatified with his lot in life. And since it was believed that one's lot in life could rarely, if ever be changed (for the better), it was worse than any of the other evils. Rather like the notion that connection with deity was to be avoided whenever possible. If the god knew you existed, they could do terrible things to you. Only heroes and kings were exempt.
Nov 20, 2008

Wonderfully written! Going into my favorites!
Nov 20, 2008

Really nice teaser, well written, very informative. Enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for posting.
Nov 20, 2008

Great poem I loved it.

I did notice that the title is spelled wrong. Other than that, it's very cool. Sending this out to my friends. Thanks!
Nov 20, 2008

Yay =D great teaser. i recognized it cause the last she got was hope, and that was in the poem. So i got it right =D
Nov 20, 2008

Don't know much about Greek Mythology so I didn't get it. Good teaser though.
Nov 22, 2008

Amazing. Easy, Awesome, and totally outright MYTHICAL!! And I thought it to be impossible. I liked it, so much IWANTCAFFINE!!!!!
Nov 23, 2008

I wasn't going to say anything, but you know once you open the box...
People often misrender the myth so that it ends with hope being released last, as this makes the most immediate sense. After all, the contents of the jar had no effect on mankind as long as they remained inside. However all the Greek texts we have state that hope remained inside.
What is less consistent in different versions is whether the jar contained curses or blessings, and whether the jar imprisoned them from mankind or secured them for mankind's benefit.
If they were blessings which would escape mankind as they left the safety of the jar, then the remaining hope is the only blessing left to us. (The name "Pandora", or "AllGifts," does rather support this more ancient version.)
If they were all curses, including the hope left locked away, that leaves the more difficult reading that we actually do NOT have that hope. Furthermore, it suggests that the jar imprisons not the optimistic type of hope (which we KNOW we have), but the most pessimistic kind of dread imaginable, i.e., the worst evil. Thank goodness for small mercies.
Nov 20, 2011

To all of you who think the poem is great I see lines 5 and 6 do not rhyme. Otherwise it is pretty good and the meter is better than usual. The quiz is good as well and it was easy for all of us that know mythology. If you do not then it is not so easy.
Nov 20, 2011

Very beautifully written.
Nov 20, 2011

Nicccccccceeeee one
Nov 20, 2011

I liked the poem and I liked the teaser. That's the beauty of poetry - it can rhyme or not; it can be lyrical or not. The clues were good and I remembered the story of Pandora's Box. Have a great day and remember to keep smiling. Tell the people you love that you love them - I just did!
Nov 20, 2011

I'm just wondering where it is written that poetry has to rhyme? Must have missed that memo, and so for that matter have MANY world renowned poets. One of my favorite poems of all time "Fern Hill" does not rhyme and yet it is taught the world over and it's author considered a great poet.
Then of course we can take into consideration POETIC LICENSE which allows for similar sounding (but not quite rhyming) words to be paired.
Whether the rhyme was perfect or not and whether the metre was off or not last I checked this is a TRIVIA and BRAINTEASER site NOT a creative writing class or Poetry Slam (somewhere else yo'd hear a lot of poems that dont' rhyme).
Nov 22, 2011

i absolutely LOVE Greek myths! they r so awesome! once i read Epimethius, i knew it had Greek myths in it, and with the gift, i knew it was Pandora or her box
Nov 20, 2014

I got this one right away. I remembered it from High School Latin class! (That was only about 60 years ago). It's kind of weird how a person can remember some things and forget so much! Nice teaser
Nov 20, 2014

First comment in 2014? I guessed this one right
away. I loved this story too.
Nov 20, 2014

Oh I guess the cat lady beat me to it! I'm in good company!
Nov 21, 2014

Easy peasy but very nice, intellectual, teaser!

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