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Word Pyramid: Natural Wonders VI

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#26862
Fun:*** (2.96)
Difficulty:*** (2.19)
Submitted By:FriarFoxus*****




In these Word Pyramids, the first letter is given to you (which is the first answer). Use the clues to build the pyramid to find the answer. In each consecutive answer, a letter is added to the previous answer. However, the answer letters might not be in the same order. Good Luck!!

Starting letter: A


1. sodium
2. one, some, every, or all
3. greenish blue
4. careful and shrewd
5. Grand ------



The Grand Canyon leaves all who experience it with a sense of wonder, magic and awe. From its dramatic 5000 foot deep, 277 miles long, and up to 18 mile wide gorge, to its diverse plateaus, towers and hills, the Grand Canyon is one of the world's most stunning destinations. Rich with exceptional beauty, ancient geological history and modern universal amazement, the Grand Canyon attracts more than 5 million tourists each year.


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Nov 11, 2005

another hard one, but i got it
Nov 13, 2005

Friar, Have you been to it? What about that new glass sidewalk over the canyon? Still love your teasers - geography and history have never been so much fun.
Nov 13, 2005

I've never been to any of the great wonders. I'd really like to see some of them though.
Nov 30, 2005

Loved it Friar, keep these coming
Aug 22, 2007

Good teaser, Friar. It was quite easy but fun to do.
Aug 22, 2007

Nice teaser and info!

I went down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon on a seven day trip ten years ago.

Got the answer only after the hint.
"Cyan" eluded me.
Aug 22, 2007

You Guys are sooo smart. I knew canyon and any and then I just looked ,course it is morning time and i have not been to bed yet. Still don't think I could of got it tho . It was tuff, but good. Thx.
Aug 22, 2007

Excellent!!! Didn't get them all but new Grand Canyon and Sodium. The middle ones were kind of hard.
Great Job.
Aug 22, 2007

I totally didn't get this. And here I thought I was good with language teasers. Really good teaser.Next time I'll do better (I hope.)
Aug 22, 2007

good one, fox
got a few and learned a new word, cyan
Aug 22, 2007

Usually when everyone else thinks the teaser is hard, I do too. But I thought this was easy. I did get stuck on cyan (could only think navy) but knew it wasn't right since the final word was Canyon.

Loved the teaser!
Aug 22, 2007

This was fairly easy for me.
Aug 22, 2007

I'd never done one of these teasers before. I liked it!
Aug 22, 2007

It took me a while to understand the "rules". I thought I was supposed to add A to NA to ANY and so on, which obviously didn't work out. Other than that, a very well-written teaser with a great description of the Grand Canyon!
Aug 22, 2007

Well written.
Aug 22, 2007

Never heard the word cyan in my life, but got all the others. Wouldn't mind more pyramids. Thx.
Aug 22, 2007

Pretty neat...I got the first 2 but got stuck on cyan and canny.
Aug 22, 2007

I flubbed up when I said NAVY instead of CYAN.
Aug 22, 2007

"Cyan" is a color word that computer gurus use for greenish blue; artists would use "aqua".
Aug 22, 2007

Once I looked at the hint, I figured it out!
Aug 22, 2007

Lovely quiz. I would be happy to see more of them. Not too hard, but I had to skip cyan, like a lot of others. Right up my alley, Thanks.
Aug 22, 2007

nice one..
got a few but the hint gave it away !
Aug 22, 2007

I dunno-I seem to have a problem understanding instructions. Hopefully, I'll get what to do on the next teaser. Nice work, tho.
Aug 22, 2007

Cyan is not just a word used by computer guru's its a very familiar word to anyone interested in color theory. The additive color most are familiar with is RGB, red green blue. An alternative color scheme is CMYK(maybe you've seen this on a printer description?) It stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. RGB components are additive because you add red, blue or green color to black to bring up the desired color. CMYK is subtractive because you start at white, and add cyan, magenta, yellow or black to darken and arrive at the color. Hence the use in printers, most decent bubble-jets nowdays use CMYK.
Aug 22, 2007

That was fun, needed the hint since I didn't get the instructions at first.
Aug 22, 2007

I didn't understand the instructions at first... hmm... you should say something about anagramming the letters of subsequent solutions... fun teaser though
Aug 22, 2007

Thanks, Phate, for that explanation.

Maybe you can elaborate on this:
Is it reasonable to speak of those colors as "lightwave mixtures" as opposed to the primary colors of paint (red, yellow, blue) which are "reflected" from pigments applied to a surface?
Aug 22, 2007

It was pretty good, better than I could do at least.
Aug 22, 2007

i got it by the last clue - i dunno if i wa ment to tho hehe
Aug 22, 2007

Friar Fox, A Wonder of Braingle,
Very Good Teaser. I didn't get all the answers. I thought aqua also.
BUT.. I see CYAN in a lot of tough crosswords I do. Don't know how I missed it. Haven't seen Grand Canyon either only in Somebody's holiday videos. It was Awesome

THANKS FOR TEASER (Got everyone thinking) of something
Aug 22, 2007

This one was GREAT! I didn't get CYAN, grr, but I got everything else (with some help from a thesaurs, lol). Awesome job! =)
Aug 22, 2007

I must be in the midst of a brain synapse...was totally stuck. I've gotten earier Pyramids but was clueless tonight on how to put my answer words together to make the pyramid (did not get cyan ( another so I'll get a 2nd chance Thanks
Aug 22, 2007

Really great!! I'm expecting to see more from you!!!
Aug 22, 2007

Fun teaser! With the hint I was able to work from both ends and got all but cyan. Should have got it as in medical field 'cyanosis' is blue coloring, although usually a gray or purplish blue. Oh well I'm happy with what I got!
Aug 23, 2007

This is a classic! VG!
Aug 28, 2007

I will be dipped in poop, I got one right for a change. Thanks for the wonderful post.

Aug 22, 2010

Fun! Great teaser even though it took me a bit to get it!
Aug 22, 2010

Glad to see I'm not the only who was stumped by thinking 'Navy'.
Aug 22, 2013

The Grand Cayon is truly a wonderful sight to see and no picture or video can do it justice. You have to see it to appreciate its wonders.
Aug 22, 2013

I also got stuck thinking "Navy" but since the final answer was obvious, knew that couldn't be it. Worked backward from there to get Cyan. Very enjoyable teaser.
Aug 22, 2013

Pretty easy. I was disappointed when I went to see the Grand Canyon. I guess I expected more.
Aug 22, 2013

I started off wrong - thought salt was NG, and thought the color was aqua - oh, well I DID love the Grand Canyon. Cutebug, how could you be disappointed? Did you view it with your eyes closed? It's breath taking! Go back and take another look! PS I'm not picking on you - just very surprised!
Aug 22, 2013

Next time, try giving an example to make the puzzle easier to understand. I had absolutely no idea what to do, but I instantly knew the answer after looking at the hint. Next time, make a slightly less obvious hint.

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