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First or Last?

Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Puzzle ID:#34450
Fun:*** (2.57)
Difficulty:*** (2.52)
Submitted By:grungy49Aau******




My first's last starts with S, and ends with Y,
And oddly, my last's first does too.
At the end of its last, it is sure to die,
For my last first's to rise anew.

The five between the first and last,
Are not around when I awaken.
If you think there is anything between last and first,
Alas, you are sadly mistaken.

My first's last, last is at my last's first last!
And last of the five between,
By the time you are through the last first,
The first last will have been!

So, now, tell the answer to this rhyme;
Come on, come on, it is about time!
If you think hard, it won't be long -
'Til I won't have to speak in song.


The weekend.

The first last is Saturday - it means it is the first day of the weekend but the last day of the week. Sunday is the last day of the weekend, and the first day of the week. At the end of its last, refers to the end of the week - which is followed by the last's first - a.k.a Sunday.

The five between the first and last refer to the five days between the first day of the week and the last day of the week - and they are not around when the weekend awakens. By the time Sunday is finished, Saturday will have been.

Once you understand what first last is and what last first is, this riddle gets a lot easier.

The next stanza is a little more confusing.

My first's last (Saturday) last (day) is at my last's first last (Sun*day*) - and all of the five days between. Of course - there is nothing between Saturday and Sunday.


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Dec 18, 2006

I got lost in it before I could even finish reading it. Nice play of words.
Dec 18, 2006 too..i just gave up
nice one
Dec 20, 2006

That's awesome - I love it!
Dec 25, 2006

Grungy that was Awesome! More please!
Dec 28, 2006

nice one!!!! confusing though...... thoroughly confusing...... i didnt even understand half of it!
Jan 01, 2007

if you could make them make more sense that would be great. i got confused in teh first paragraph!!! GREAT!!!! play on words tho keep 'em comin'
Jan 17, 2007

that was soooooo long my brian hurts but otherwise nice
Feb 07, 2007

I think I broke my tounge
Apr 08, 2007

Haha, exactly what I intended. Sorry all those people whose brains I broke. I don't think I have it in me to write another one of these
Jan 05, 2008

Clever but confusing!
(user deleted)
Oct 09, 2010

but I think we've been all taught that Sunday is the first day of the week. that makes things really confusing.
Jan 31, 2013

got me totally confused. didn't get it at all.
Jan 31, 2013

got me totally confused. didn't get it at all.
Jan 31, 2013

hmmm how did i post twice

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