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Lotsa Lattes

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Puzzle ID:#39664
Fun:**** (3.15)
Difficulty:*** (2.26)
Submitted By:dalizAus****!
Corrected By:scallio




It's rush time at Lotsa Lattes, the popular downtown coffee shop. Jamie, the poor barista, just had 5 orders told to her over the sound of the coffee grinder. Help her piece together the correct orders to make sure she'll get tipped.

Each guest ordered a different drink and a different type of muffin.

1. Gary was in line before Lisa this morning, but he decided not to order his usual (mocha and a blueberry muffin) and instead tried something new to eat and drink.

2. By the time Zack got there, the raspberry muffin had just been ordered by the person ahead of him in line. He ordered an extra dry cappuccino while he decided that morning's muffin choice.

3. The 5 orders were: the mocha, the man who ordered the poppyseed muffin, the 2nd person in line, the tea, and Paul's order.

4. The people who ordered something to drink with chocolate in it (including the mocha) could not possibly eat a chocolate chip muffin, too. No chocolate item was ordered first.

5. The men, oddly enough, placed the odd numbered orders.

6. The blueberry muffin was ordered before Paul's order but after the hot chocolate.

7. The 3 fruit muffins were sold to Lisa, the first person in line, and to the person who also ordered a mocha.

Open Grid Solver


Lisa - hot chocolate -2nd in line - raspberry muffin

Paul - latte - 5th in line - chocolate chip muffin

Janice - mocha - 4th in line - blueberry muffin

Gary - tea - 1st in line - apple muffin

Zack - cappuccino - 3rd in line - poppyseed muffin


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Dec 18, 2007

Good teaser!
Dec 19, 2007

Difficult and fun! The clues are very clever!
Dec 20, 2007

Very fun story for this teaser! I enjoyed solving it.

I prefer all the clues be included in the puzzle since I don't use the grid. Would prefer if Janice, apple and latte had been mentioned somewhere to let us know those elements of the puzzle.
Dec 22, 2007

That was really tricky!
Dec 22, 2007

Great storyline! I actually got it in a short amount of time too...
Dec 26, 2007

mixed up two of the places in line , but great teaser!
Dec 31, 2007

Very nice teaser!
Jan 02, 2008

Loved the teaser! Got Gary and Lisa's beverages mixed up. You had me lost there s-e-v-e-r-a-l times! Extra points for that!
Jan 11, 2008

fun teaser. Took me awhile, but that could be because my attention was elsewhere. I'll look for more!
Jun 16, 2008

good teaser
Jul 01, 2008

Thanks for a fun to solve teaser! Just the right amount of thinking involved.
Jul 16, 2008

Great theme, cleverly written, and a great challenge. Well done!
Nov 14, 2010

Fun teaser. Made me hungry. I should really eat lunch before doing food related teasers.
Oct 06, 2015

Excellent wording! Unambiguous enough to solve the puzzle without being unclear 10/10

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