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Pizza Puzzle

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Puzzle ID:#46133
Fun:*** (2.45)
Difficulty:** (1.69)
Submitted By:ScorefireAau***!!




Amy was eating a pizza, and the pizza is cut into 8 pieces. Because this is mathematics, and mathematics is exact, we will say that eating a 1/8 of a pizza takes exactly 2 minutes.

Now, Amy starts eating, but 2 minutes later, Barney comes, and he wants pizza too. So they both eat some more pizza, until, 2 minutes later, Chris arrives and he wants some pizza too! So they all eat pizza, until, 2 minutes later, Dean arrives, and he wants pizza as well! Now, there is not enough pizza for all of them to share with the way it is cut, so they'll have to cut the pizza into 4 pieces. Now, cutting 1 straight line (No matter how long or short) takes 1 minute, and (because there are 4 people) it takes them 4 times less of the amount of time to cut one straight line. What is the shortest amount of time they can achieve this? (Cutting the pizza, not eating the pizza)

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15 seconds.

If Amy starts eating one slice, and two minutes later, Barney comes, that means that she ate 1 slice (1/8 of the pizza). Then when Barney and Amy continue eating until Chris comes, they would've eaten 2 slices together, making 3 slices eaten altogether. And when Amy, Barney, and Chris continue eating until Dean comes, they eat 3 slices combined, and altogether, 6 slices, leaving 2 slices uneaten. If they place the 2 slices opposite each other, then they can cut 1 straight line to cut both of the two pieces in half, and then they have 4/16 or 4 halves of a slice.


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Jan 03, 2010

that was easy.... good one tho
Jan 04, 2010

nice one!
Jan 05, 2010

nice teaser, I didn't think of 1 cut 2 pizza slices.
Feb 16, 2010

Have to howl to make this the least bit interesting. I guess that's why it involves the nonsense of co-operative slicing.
Aug 21, 2013

I'm glad they all brought their own pizza cutters along. I didn't think to put the slices opposite so I said 30 seconds and got it wrong. I like parts of this teaser, but it is awkward and completely unrealistic.

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