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Majestic Traveller

Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Puzzle ID:#7579
Fun:*** (2.9)
Difficulty:*** (2.61)
Submitted By:majd****!!




I am not a king, I am not a queen
But most of you will bow when I'm seen
Currently I am resting on my side
But soon I will continue my stride
I can't walk, run, fly or crawl
Yet I am the greatest traveller of all


A coin on the floor.
(bow when I am seen=to pick me up, resting on my side=on the floor, continue my stride and greatest traveller of all=moving between people as I am exchanged).


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Oct 04, 2002

Great! Very clever!
Oct 15, 2002

very good
Oct 20, 2002

Sep 11, 2003

Brilliant riddle
May 28, 2005

very good!
Jul 27, 2005

Aug 15, 2007

Good one! I could have used a hint
Jul 05, 2008

$ourDough wanted you to know that coins NEVER rest on their sides. They rest on their face or they rest on their backside. For this reason I will not rate this quiz for you.

Jul 05, 2008

Outstanding, clever teaser. Coins have two sides so it would be resting on one side or the other. I reallyy enjoyed this one. Thanks for posting.
Jul 05, 2008

I'm sorry but I think this one was pretty stupid.
Jul 05, 2008

this could have been a suitcase in baggage claim carousel which fits better to me.
Jul 05, 2008

It was too hard for me to figure out. I couldn't relate all the clues. I didn't get the lying on its side, either. I like the suitcase suggestion.
Jul 05, 2008

I did not like this one, it was too far out for me. Sorry
Jul 05, 2008

If you think about it, coins aren't the greatest travellers. They usually just stay in the same country their whole lives. Interesting teaser though.
Jul 05, 2008

I guessed sneaker. Doesn't quite fit, but it's close.
Jul 05, 2008

I didn't like it either. Just not much fun. Sorry
Jul 06, 2008

I thought of a chesspiece, but it was a very good teaser!!!!
Jul 07, 2008

This one seemed to be a bit of a stretch.

Thanks for posting to entertain us though.
Jul 05, 2011

Not my favorite but...
Welcome back, traveler!
Jul 05, 2011

I actually thought it was rain. Coins cannot be used outside their country of origin, so they don't really travel that far.
Jul 05, 2011

Genius!!! Wow never would have thought of a coin!;)
Jul 05, 2011

A coin could be 'on its side' if it were leaning up against something. But have to agree that a coin would not really travel all that far.

It was an interesting teaser none the less. I do however like the idea of a suitcase as the answer.
Jul 05, 2011

I thought it was a cane... Like, you "Bow" (hunch over) using it, and its almost on its side when gyou push off from it...
Jul 05, 2011

I thought flag at first, since insignia on ships an aircraft travel far, but the flag itself doesn't fly, walk or crawl, but flags shouldn't rest on their side. I then thought Olympic Torch, since I imagine it's resting when not being relayed, and again it travels far without itself travelling, but I don't know that people bow to it.
Jul 05, 2011

Very well written. I was thinking moon. It has a dark side and a light side, and it travels around the Earth. But I couldn't work out bowing to it, although some do worship it...
Jul 05, 2011

I had also thought moon, although the bowing didn't fit. I agree with those who said the coin is not of use outside its country, and I also liked the suitcase suggestion. Thanks for submitting.
Jul 05, 2011

Sorry. Not clever. A bit wrong even, one could say regarding the side v face issue and the well-traveled clue. Notes may travel, but coins are less welcome. Some never leave the home once they're brought inside. Also, many coins feature a king or queen in effigy so that's kind of a misleading clue also with the title Majestic traveller.
Jul 05, 2011

nice teaser
Jul 05, 2014

There was not a single thing about this teaser that made any "cents" Ooops, I mean sense. Sorry, but this one was pretty bad and so is my sense of humor, but I made myself laugh!
Jul 05, 2014

Money can fly when you have teenage kids.
Jul 05, 2014

Coulda been one of my cats' hairballs. Would have made as much sense.
Jul 05, 2014

After also thinking about chess pieces, then the moon, I went with 'time'. Time is on your side, and, when older, many of us are stooped ('bow') over. I liked it since it did get me thinking on a Saturday morning!
Jul 05, 2014

Not a favorite, but it generated some interesting comments. Thanks for posting!
Jul 05, 2014

Interesting observation, then I will leave this alone for good;
My comment is the 7th on this teaser today.
The first comment appeared in 2002, it took until 2005 for it to receive its 6th.

I doubt my point will be lost on most of you.
Jul 05, 2014

In the USA many sit in Jars or collections waiting to be wrapped one day and brought to the bank. I'd wager that an executive flying from coast to coast on business travels way more. Certainly the mars rover travels further. However although probably not the greatest traveler by any means, it's a certainly a good poem. Thumbs UP!
Jul 05, 2014

I love riddles - I love Braingle riddles - and I love this one.

Rated it highest.

Thanks for posting.

I have been sanctioned (that, for those of you who choose not to "look it up", means "punished") for my transgressions to date on Braingle.

I have had all three of my "Pos Karma" (the greens) points removed and have had one "Neg Karma" - a red -added,

The transgressions were described as "annoyances" and I was asked to stop annoying people.

Fair enough. I'm really an easy-going fella (at heart) and always try to "go along to get along".

So ... help me out, here. Change the little "tag" (far left on your screen) from "report if offensive" to "report if annoying".

That way I'll have a little better idea how to stave off my permanent discharge (no pun intended, here, so you don't have to look it up).

And ... later today or tomorrow I shall give you the first report on how well comments are doing in the absence of BadBunnie's annoying comments.

Jul 05, 2014

I thought it as footwear
Jul 05, 2014

Footwear WOULD make a lot more sense, but nonetheless, I like it
Jul 05, 2014

Easy for me

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