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The Werewolf Game #2944

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This game is moderated by Spikeman. Please read the rules and contact the moderator with any questions or concerns about this game.

Voting Discussion
This game finished in 6 rounds.

Discussion of Round #5

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Posted: 05:55AM Jul 31, 2013

100ra...was a Mason! Thanks to you guys neglecting your clues, you shall recieve none for this round. My advice go over the people that seem most suspicious as wolves.
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Posted: 08:31AM Jul 31, 2013

Was he actually functioning as a mason? We never heard from the Seer or any of the masons... So, no big loss, really. Except we don't get any clues.

On that last round clue: just because you didn't SEE us trying it, doesn't mean we WEREN'T. I didn't want to post my work in here just to have some wolf use it against me. Honestly, the clue was pretty loose and vague. You said the character was "one of several" and then the rest of the clue was hard to follow... He has a double? In the same game (Kirby Super Star), or are you talking about 2 different games? I looked up all the characters listed and got nothin'. So, what was the answer?

Voting for an inactive because Night timed out. I dunno what to do anymore, and no one else is saying much.
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Posted: 09:57AM Jul 31, 2013

Voting for cay as it seems to me, one inactive wolf is enough to make night time out, the other two are probably really active, hiding under the scope of looking for an inactive wolf, and may sacrifice them.

One of the most active players is cay.

I have other suspicions as well that i will keep to myself for now wezzer1991 on Xbox Live add me if ya want to know me better man
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You cannot post messages in previous rounds.

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