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The Werewolf Game #2882

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This game is moderated by StewieGriffin. Please read the rules and contact the moderator with any questions or concerns about this game.

Voting Discussion
This game finished in 7 rounds.

Discussion of Round #7

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Posted: 09:53PM Mar 9, 2013

Thanks snow. Really sorry for not being on to post the story, and missing last round Things just gor really busy this weekend I have been sick I had three birthdays to attend and yesterday I went out for mothers day.

Story: When things settled down the indoans thought the nightmare was over, that was when Bradon decided to strike, She waited till everyone went to sleep and snuck into the tent scrubb, rhythmic and wheels were sleeping. ANd with an arrow in hand Slienced them foreveer, the money would be hers if it was the last thing she did.

Good thing too as that was the last thing she did. Unknown to her Chief Koin was keeping an eye on her the whole time, and after witnessing the deed. He took bow and arrow in hand and With a single shot to the head, bobbi was down and out.

Cursing the name koin, she swore that this would not be the end of the tribes misfortune, as you may have killed us The Three Amigos, but three more mayy take our place, and three more after that. So enjoy your peace while you can, but this more may never end. Her eyes then slid shut never to open again.

There was a note in her hand, it was from the cowboys.

It read.
If you are reading this Indians, then I guess you won this round. But believe us when we say we will have out revenge. It may not be today or tomorrow, but we will be coming soon. When you least expect it. So take this as a warning that this will never be over. We did bribe some of you into betraying your kind, So bear that in mind when you fight us again. We are smarter and better than you will ever be.
See you soon.

The Cowboys

Congrats to the Indians. And koins. Hard luck traitors. Maybe you will get luckier next game.

Glad you all enjoyed. And Sorry for missing the end of the game.


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Take all sorrow out of life and you take away all richness, and depth, and tenderness. The capacity of sorrow belongs to our grandeur. It is the furnace that melts hearts together in love.
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Posted: 09:54PM Mar 9, 2013

Gotcha Bobby! Great game everyone! Woot! Woot! for the HUMANS!

Extra fine job divining koin!!!! Staying under the radar. . . . got us to this point.

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Take all sorrow out of life and you take away all richness, and depth, and tenderness. The capacity of sorrow belongs to our grandeur. It is the furnace that melts hearts together in love.
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Posted: 11:16PM Mar 9, 2013

Good job, Koin. My apologies to Limerick, but as a wolf the main concern is to find the Seer, and I was betting you were it. Hoping we get to play together again sometime.

Sorry for my relative inactivity. I really did intend to get back and change my vote in round 3, but because of my RL situation, I couldn't. I did the best I could considering my fellow wolves were both picked off by Round 3.

Thanks for modding Stewie.

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Posted: 11:43PM Mar 9, 2013

Thanks for playing a fun game guys.
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Posted: 12:37AM Mar 10, 2013

Whee, I finally get to talk again. And no, ironically, that was my first game ever on Braingle as a human. Well, pure human anyway. In my previous 4 games, I had been a wolf twice and seer twice. Guess I have been lucky. Was kind of concerned you might make it out alive, I was pretty much down to you and Snowy, was concerned when cat and 4wheels were eaten. With Cat I was quite confident in my clear, 4wheels, I just felt his voting record In voting Jmoney so early didn't fit with a wolvy profile, not impossible, but you know :p My first winning game too! I haven't found a way to hide my wolviness enough yet apparently, and as a seer I tend to get eaten first round before I even get a chance to see

Good game all though, even though I was eaten early it was, and sorry for doubting you early on koin, your later play cleared you though if that helps, and nice job pulling it off as the seer.

ETA: No problem, Bobbi, I can't say I wasn't disappointed, but it was still fun to watch as each round unfolded, you were pretty hard to peg down. And my apologies also to slammn, your early seeming defensiveness in my voting for a minority in round 1 threw me for a loop, though once you too voted Jmoney you pretty much cleared yourself too. Loved watching everyone's thought processes throughout, and boy was the last round fast. Thanks everyone for a great game!

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Posted: 05:54AM Mar 10, 2013

Good game everyone!

This was one of the few games where I was a human and not suspected as a wolf. /color]

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Posted: 09:58AM Mar 10, 2013

So much fun!!!
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Posted: 12:08PM Mar 10, 2013

bobi !! i didn't suspect you until after i was eaten then i thought oh my gosh it is miss marple

good game guys

thanks stewie

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Posted: 12:32PM Mar 10, 2013

Good job everyone! Good job Mr. Seer

Thanks stewie!! And good job bobbi for lasting that long, nothing really you could do. Its fine, limerick!!!
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Posted: 08:42PM Mar 10, 2013

Happy ever after in the marketplace, Desmond lets the children lend a hand. Molly stays at home and does her pretty face, and in the evening she's the singer with the band!
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