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Who's the Boss Game #2971

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This game is moderated by jarmihi. Please read the rules and contact the moderator with any questions or concerns about this game.

Voting / Memo Discussion
This game finished in 9 rounds.

Discussion of Round #8

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Posted: 12:43PM Jul 3, 2013

Welcome to Round 8! There is no scheduled challenge in this or any following round.

Click here to peruse the player reports. I'll update these at the start of every round.

Here are the rules for this game:
Full Rules
Valid posts = 1; invalid posts = 0; spam = penalty/ModFire
Boss Bazaar & FP Algorithm
Good luck, and have fun!

O hai! Take a look at my wares!..........Link to the Boss Bazaar..........RED means SOLD OUT!
Create items by combining one Essence with one Reagent. Unused Essences exist inside communal pools.
Rock | Costs 4 points
Paper | Costs 6 points
Scissors | Costs 13 points

Index | Name | Remaining Stock | Effect

K | Essence of Knowledge | 0 | This is the essence of all things intelligent and scientific. Complete Challenges to increase the amount of Knowledge in this pool.
1 | + Rock = Divination Card | infinite | Reveals a hint about the Boss. Collect these and spend up to three at once for easier clues. Cannot be combined with others' cards.
2 | + Paper = Rat Trap | 1/round | Sends the Rat a challenge (that you create) to complete in 24 hrs. If the rat fails, xe is fired.
3 | + Scissors = 1/2 of Miracle Reagent | 0 | Complete the Miracle Reagent to be able to unlock the Atma Weapon!

P | Essence of Protection | 14 | This is the essence of fired employees. The amount of Protection in this pool increases in direct proportion to the number of employees fired.
4 | + Rock = Golden Quill | 1/round | Allows you to write the psych question.
5 | + Paper = Employment Insurance | infinite | Allows you to give your points/items to another if you are fired. To give yourself insurance, target yourself.
6 | + Scissors = Overtime Pay | 1/round | All posts are worth 2 points, or negates a Lower Wages.
Purchasing Form: (please copy/paste into a post)
Your name:
Target, if applicable (This is the person the effect happens to. To insure yourself, target yourself.):
Use Immediately? :

Keyword Challenge #2
If any player posts a valid post with the secret Keyword in it, he or she will win a free item! The word is a potentially everyday word. (So, it's not 'hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia'.) Word lists do not count. The word must be found in a sentence inside a valid post. This has a good history of promoting activity, so let's see some interesting stories! (Update: remember that the post does not have to be about the game. Also, any tense of the word will work as well [*-s, *-ing, *-ed, *-like, etc. will all do.) This Challenge lasts until the end of the game.

POINTS AND INVENTORIES..........Updated Wednesday, 13:43 EDT.
Allikat73126 = 13 (FIRED)
huckingfoes = 4
Kaipper = 14
max318 = 21 (subtract 8 when scoring)
TallGuy = 23
TheLegend = 4 | Employment Insurance, Clawshot

THE BOSS = 41 FP (asteroidbelt = 2, checkndone = 3, divarenee = 3, Flutterdash = 3, Thekid4 = 2, Coolnine9 = 7, dcf525 = 2, kitty-cat = 0, themasterbrain = 1, hermygranger123 = 5, Jayo = 3, scrub88 = 0, braingle01 = 0, faheem1 = 6, Allikat73126 = 4)

In the previous round, the Boss earned 15 - n, where n is the number of valid posts a fired player made.
In this round, the Boss will earn 17 - n.

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Posted: 03:10PM Jul 3, 2013

Okay I believe we did get a majority on me last round I was not fired so i am not the boss. That means we have 3 people to choose from huckingfoes, legend, and Tallguy. I think the memo clears legend so only huckingfoes and Tallguy are left. Tallguy might also be cleared from the memo since I used the clues to point to him last round so huckingfoes is my vote this round

We are always sometimes monsters.
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Posted: 04:55PM Jul 3, 2013

Hmm, I'm at a loss. I thought for sure if it wasn't max then it would have to be allikat. And those clues all seemed to point to max! I really hope everyone voted for who they said they voted for.

Max, oddly enough you left out Kaipper from all your suggestions. It was pointed out before - Kaipper has a few trivia quizzes that are nintendo related - Super Mario Galaxy, Nintendogs, Animal Crossings, etc. I'll vote Kaipper unless we can make progress otherwise
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Posted: 05:22PM Jul 3, 2013

BUt she was cleared when scrubb and Jayo were fired. Sorry I forgot to mention that early. Lets get the boss now.

We are always sometimes monsters.
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Posted: 10:06PM Jul 3, 2013

Don't tell me that all the clues inescapeably pointing to max, was a coincidence!
Also, I don't believe we get a majority on max last round, because we're 6 and in order to win 4 of us must vote for him because the rules say "The Boss must receive more than 50% of the votes to be fired.", and 3 of us didn't vote for max :
The Rat
So I'm voting max this round, unless someone explains how the 4 clues are related to Kaipper, TallGuy or Huckingfoes.
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Posted: 10:35PM Jul 3, 2013

Easy huckingfoes
Koopa troops-foe
Vicious= usasal stereotype of a foe
Comic book= Hot spot for vilans or foes.
Koops troops=Mario quizzes
bokoblins= Miaymoto design also personj who helped pokemon get thourgh
vicious= (I is on phone don't have time to look up)
comic book= Pokemon has comic books(not manga) actually both.
Koopa troopa: Walugi
Bokoblins: Their boss is the tallest humaniod in the game
Comic book: Tall man comic
Vicoious: Some British comedy movie called the tall guy about romance and has some relationship to vicous
(NEW)Big screen: The tall guy

koops troops: The legend himself desgined them. Miyamoto(Best game desinger ever) is big in gaming
Bokoblins: Legend of zelda
Comic book: Super man legend
Vivoucs: I forgot
Legend youy got 4 votes on me and I voted
- allikat 3 or 4 voted
50% percent of votes cast that round boos ans rat have no vote
so you did and you just won't admit you are wrong well 1st game and all so it is
EDIT: S\we need a majority this round wether legend likes it or not vote together
Untied we stand divided we fall. on the memo. Once again to simple not creavtive still a kid trying to make the world simpler my answer i think would be something like this it would 42 second 3 miuntes an hour 8 hours in va day and 7098 days in a year.
EDIT after receiving clue: Finally something I can't connect to myself on prior knowledge Tallguy is looking very very likely now voting tallguy.

Your name: Max318
Item: divination cards
Quantity: 2
Target, if applicable (This is the person the effect happens to. To insure yourself, target yourself.): the boss
Use Immediately? :yes

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We are always sometimes monsters.
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Posted: 11:33PM Jul 3, 2013

Clue #5: the big screen

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Posted: 12:35AM Jul 4, 2013

"The big screen" usually refers to movies but I can't find a link there with anybody. I think Legend may be right about all the clues pointing to max, or he may just be the rat trying to divert attention from the boss?

I don't suspect huckingfoes as the clues pointing to him would be far too simple, which is not usually the way jarmihi mods - admittedly they make me look suspicious but since I am not the boss, that leaves max and tallguy. Since we cleared max last round, I think tallguy is the boss and Legend is his rat.
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Posted: 01:43PM Jul 4, 2013

Kaipper wrote:

I don't suspect huckingfoes as the clues pointing to him would be far too simple, which is not usually the way jarmihi mods

That's exactly why I think max is the boss, jarmihi is not that stupid to give us lousy clues.
So, again, unless someone connected the clues properly to TallGuy, I'm voting max.
btw, why are you saying that we cleared max ?

EDIT : If max is not the boss, then jarmihi is a genius for making clues that could be interpreted in 2 ways.

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Posted: 05:51PM Jul 4, 2013

But it could be genius. The mod knows would pass over that therefor might have done that.
Well hopefully there is a next round and the rat was fired if not you should have listened to me of I counted right I was cleared due to I got 50 percent of the vote in which as long as tallguy voted and nobody was the rat we should get foes because she wasn't fired and didnakt post

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We are always sometimes monsters.
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