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The Werewolf Game #2778

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This game is moderated by Mitty44. Please read the rules and contact the moderator with any questions or concerns about this game.

Voting Discussion
This game finished in 11 rounds.

Discussion of Round #8

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Posted: 10:20PM Sep 23, 2012

Shoot! freaking missed night deadline by like 5 minutes! I think I've got the code thing from a couple of rounds ago! I have been running stuff through keyword cyphers and cesarian shifts during study breaks and such, and I still wasn't getting anywhere. So I looked at the number of letters Kitty gave to us and it was too long to be any user name. The code she gave us is 17 letters long. Even my own username (the longest by far) is only 15 characters. which meant, the message didn't just give a user name, or it gave a username in some sort of code that expanded the number of characters as it was processed. So I started to think about what Kitty would add to the code because I couldn't find any codes that were practical, and conveniently solvable that involved expanding characters. The one I tried adding was "isawolf" (I also tried a couple others "wolf" "bad" that sort of thing, but it still left a lot of characters to be part of someone's username)
Anyway then I sat down and went all old school cryptogram on the thing. and this is what I got. I'll try to make it as clear as I can using braingle

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ I S A W O L F

so I established Y=I, E=S, P=A, J=W, T=O, L=L, V=F


S I L _ _ _ _ A _ _ I S A W O L F

If that isn't enough, the two D's must be the same character in translation, assume D=R:
S I L _ _ R R A _ _ I S A W O L F
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Posted: 11:37PM Sep 23, 2012

Well it's nice to know my theory had some backing. I just assumed that the wolf read my post on my thoughts of what the wolves would do overnight last round. Considering I mentioned if jpost got eaten, suspicion would go to silver, it makes most sense for silver to eat jpost since it points directly at silver which is beyond obvious. Along with Silver making the chainreactions make the most sense in relation to self? It's a great ploy but I think my set up beat you. The only reason I didn't explain myself is because kitty hasn't been on for a first post but since that's been taken already I see no problem.

P.S if Silver isn't a wolf and I get eaten.. please let whoever's active left go for mattie, it makes just as much sense for him to fake something, get one active out that way, take me out in the night and try to have as few people possible to attempt to take him next round. Depending on the number of actives, that could potentially be a sure win for him. keeping my vote as is.

Lookey here, I've got a window sheet!
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Posted: 03:32AM Sep 24, 2012

Hi guys. I get the feeling I'm the favourite to be shot this round
roberto hasn't been on in...christ, 20 days, so if he comes back it'll be a miracle. kitty-cat is moderator, so doesn't count as a human in the rounds anymore. Jazzy said she was going away for a week and according to braingle it's been four days so far.
So I'm pretty sure we're the only actives left.
Also, there's two wolves left in the game. If a human was to die this round then another one get eaten it would be two wolves to two humans (assuming kitty calls an end to the game, still being considered a human by braingle) so the wolves would win.
If a wolf dies this round, and any human gets eaten, then it's one wolf to two humans.

Yeah, good luck with that Honestly, I'm surprised I survived the last two rounds. Sadly, it takes four votes for a majority, so I won't vote for myself just now. Gonna level my unloaded gun at an inactive to make myself feel better. Because I'm wolfy like that
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Posted: 04:58AM Sep 24, 2012

Nice one Silver.. you almost made me second guess myself. I'm starting to realize I'm way to paranoid to play this game lol. I think that last post sounds like a ditch attempt to save yourself, though you make a great point. If we're wrong this round, that's the end.

The only question I have for mattie is regarding the code solving.

"The key is a dead human's username.

ynucnses eylhuddprxyepjtlv"

What exactly did you do with the "ynucnses" ? ... just wondering.. in case I missed it. Honestly my paranoia theory right now is the the humans I am supposed to be working with are the innactives and you're both wolves and in reality, I've already lost. This ends in loss either way because I'll vote one of you, and you'll be a wolf. In doing so the other wolf will have gained my trust. They can either choose to kill me in the night and wait out the rest of the game, or they can let me live so I can speed it up and help them kill off the other human innactives.

In light of this theory, this is a lose-lose game for the humans unless, though it's unlikely, that mattie is human. If mattie is human.. we win.. if not.. we lose.. it's 50-50 here... ugh.. my brain hurts. What was posted of the code makes sense to me (and I went through it) and the chain reactions did click with silver.. I just hope I'm not an idiot.. or a wolf.. now that I think about it I never did look O.O

Edit: wow, i'm human lol if I had been a wolf that would have been a TERRIBLE fail. anyway.. I guess we're just waiting this round out? Unless Silver feels like shooting himself and allowing the mod to vote as well to speed up the round? That'd need a vote yes from all three active players though. I don't care either way. I should be on again in the next 3-4 hours to read any new posts.

Edit two: you're both girls aren't you... *facepalm* I meant herself I think?

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Posted: 06:11AM Sep 24, 2012

Haha, yeah I'm a girl. And paranoia is really the only way to play the game seeing as you never know whether you're siding with wolves or humans (unless you're a wolf yourself of course)

My thoughts? If two wolves were online and voting then they could take out the competition this round alone. Well, including night, when they gobble someone up xD But there is no way I'm checking Mattie's codebreaker, looks far too confusing for me If you believe that decode then either it checks out with a human, in which case ... (holds gun to head) or you're both wolves and just backing each other on the kill. Which means I'd lose that vote anyway.

How can you go the whole game without checking what you are? That takes some faith right there The normal mantra goes 'I know what I am"
Then again, half the evidence against me is from the chain reaction...which I asked earlier what kind of wolf would point to themselves, and I reply either a really confident human or a really blind wolf

I'll wait until kitty gets back on and we know for sure whether Catz was wolf or human - if she was wolf then the humans still have a chance. If she was human, then chances are wolves will win.
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Posted: 06:23AM Sep 24, 2012

Or a wolf using reverse psychology? Maybe? That's what I'm going for. And in the end I think that may be a good strategy. Not know, go through the game, vote, attempt to find other wolves who are actually your brethren but you don't know it. It would give you an extreme air of human because you'd honestly be looking to get the other wolves out. lol. they'd hate you for it though XD

There is a way of checking it, mattie explained it a bit. all he did was take the bit of code and lay it over blank spots. He filled in the end with "Is a wolf" and used common letters in the code to fill out the rest which pretty much gave us "silverrachisawolf" but it was missing a few letters.

Maybe I'm just a really naive, oblivious, ignorant, stupid human.. this wouldn't be the first time.. you talk confident on here and people are like "hey let's follow the confident person" where as I'm here like heeey let's follow whoever posts first cuz I have no clue what the heck I'm doing!! except I actually get what I'm doing in most games.. which makes the previous false.. but if that's false what else have i said is false.. that grammar failed.. am I wolf?

guys.. er.. girls.. i have come to a conclusion. Human brains turn to mush when you're getting ready for school and have no sleep. I'm running on a chocolate muffin.. THAT'S IT.. O.o

Yes but I could see myself posting a clue about me when I was a wolf.. it's all about the reverse psychology... oh i hope I'm not dooming us all.. LOOK WHO YOU'VE LEFT THE FATE OF THE HUMANS IN THE HANDS OF!?!!! lol.. ok.. I'm done xD

Lookey here, I've got a window sheet!
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Posted: 06:28AM Sep 24, 2012

legitimately, my face when you posted more to the code. Did I miss it? I swear it was shorter when I was looking at it originally! I wrote it down on some scrap paper way a while ago so I could use my copy pasting for halfway decoded nonsense.
ynucnses eylhuddprxyepjtlv
i_ e _ _ s _ silverrachisawolf according to my earlier solution.

I legit have no idea how I missed that first word. now I'm wondering if it means anything since my solution was only invented using half the code
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Posted: 06:33AM Sep 24, 2012

It's not two words, I just separated it to show you what you missed. It was posted all together. honestly.. i'm not quite sure either.. but considering the rest fits and we're at an all or nothing stage.. I say go with it for now unless we manage to solve it farther. lol. not to mention it's too coincidental that the rest spells out like that.

Lookey here, I've got a window sheet!
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Posted: 06:54AM Sep 24, 2012

Okay guys, sorry for being so late, you shot another human. That first part of the clue was just to show that you got it right once you put it through the first cipher. The actual message was in the rest of it.

---This message was edited on 2012-09-24 07:27:47---

"I'm through accepting limits cause someone says they're so. Some things I cannot change, but til I try I'll never know." -Wicked
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Posted: 07:40AM Sep 24, 2012

So the first set of coding is separate for that piece I separated. It's just to let us know we did one code right? So we could have potentially got the second part right on it's own and the first part is irrelevant.. it's too coincidental to be nothing. I guess we're just waiting then.. lots of waiting. Favor please? If either of you is the wolf and you live, make night quick.

p.s, you two are really active, we should try and all get into the same game again after this O.o

Lookey here, I've got a window sheet!
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Posted: 08:12AM Sep 24, 2012

Stop it Jam, you're making my head hurt

The code was shorter originally and kitty added the second part halfway through that day round. Also, you both could have saved yourself a lot of trouble if you just second-guessed my earlier 'try' to work it out. You won't decode the first part with what works for the rest, because it was originally double-coded. If you put Alikat in as the keyword in 'keyword cipher' it came out as 'yougotit' or something, and a jumble of words. Then jumble of words through the caesar cipher until it makes sense.
I nearly had a heart attack when I saw that Thought I was a goner that round, but nobody actually checked I was honest. Then 18 clue and I only survived because Catz voted for herself. Another human gone

Yeah, if you're second-guessing this part again, please stop before you give us all a headache I'm going to vote for myself as it seems you're both sticking (and really, there's nowhere much to go here with THAT kind of 'clue' once it's solved). If kitty wants to vote as well to give the majority then we can move to night round and see who's standing in the morning. Really intriqued to see how the rest of this plays out.

This is the first game I've played in...jeez, in ages. And I've been waiting for uni to start so I've had plenty of time to play. Figured if I was joining I'd join properly in this and hopefully future times. Confidence will probably get me killed in the next game I play (or used as a puppet) but what the heck xD

One quick question - when the game ends, can all dead players post in a last round, or is it just over? I can't remember the last one I played. Also, I think this is the longest I have ever survived in these games

Adios guys!! AWOOOO!!! (That was supposed to be a howl I should work on that)
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Posted: 08:33AM Sep 24, 2012

When the game is done there is an end round for everyone who was in the game to infinitely talk about the game if they wished. I'm second guessing.. it sounds like you're flat out saying "hey I'm a wolf!" but considering you just confirmed what Mattie said, well it sounds like you are. For a first game in a while you did a great job! (this is only me second game in.. uh.. two years? lol. I got the howl. lol.

P.S sorry about all of the head aches I've caused XD hehe. I'm actually debating starting a game of my own. The Percy Jackson game kinda disappeared while I was in this one so I might start my own. Not sure if I'm ready to mod yet though. hehe. Last time I tried was when I was.. 12-ish? and I failed. (that's over four years ago.. O.o wow) but if you guys are up for either joining the same game after this or one of us modding I'd be up for it. Especially since this an active game I've actually been involved in (this is for kitty too!)

out of curiosity.. if anyone knows, how many wolves are there per size of game ex. per 10 person game, per 15 person game, per 20 person game.

Lookey here, I've got a window sheet!
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Posted: 08:51AM Sep 24, 2012

I'll vote to end the round in a couple hours. If anyone wants to make any last statement before the Night round, especially SilverRach, now would be the time. Sorry for not having a clue this round, I may have 2 next round.

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"I'm through accepting limits cause someone says they're so. Some things I cannot change, but til I try I'll never know." -Wicked
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Posted: 08:58AM Sep 24, 2012

Sounds good. Although considering the "awwoooo" post she just put up, I don't think much will save her at this point XD A clue would be great for me though.. I have the odd feeling I am very alone and next round will be purely chance if I'm not eaten.. if I'm eaten I think wolves win c'mon, give yourselves a challenge guys! Killing me now is just too easy!! I kind of hope the round is over (night included) by 4. would make my day :hint hint: lol.

Lookey here, I've got a window sheet!
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Posted: 09:19AM Sep 24, 2012

Oh, remaining wolves, it would be nice of you to eat an inactive human, but I guess if you don't, you win. So, good luck everyone.

"I'm through accepting limits cause someone says they're so. Some things I cannot change, but til I try I'll never know." -Wicked
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Posted: 09:30AM Sep 24, 2012

I'd join that I only hosted one game, well I might have hosted one or two normal ones that I can't remember xD I had a (probably confusing) one where, say (I can't remember the numbers exactly) 3 humans and 1 wolf were put into a group - replicated for four different groups. And I had a seer group with an extra player-turned-seer who could PM me for a 'night vision'. The aim was for each group to be the one that survived. The wolves could drop hints as to who they and other wolves were, because if they controlled the night vote they could help their group survive to the end. The clues were supposed to lead to wolves (for the seers, whose aim was to kill the wolves) but they were also a bit open-ended for groups to try and twist onto other users.

I might have confused a few people, but most seemed to enjoy it xD Thanks, kitty. I might be dead but I'll still be watching the game. Like a ghostie

edit: Well there was four wolves for 20 players in this game. I'd say 3 for 15, 2 for 10. That's just my guess.

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