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The Werewolf Game #2869

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Voting Discussion
This game finished in 6 rounds.

Discussion of Round #3

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Posted: 12:51PM Feb 4, 2013

When Kal returned that night, carrying the piece of deerskin, Treg recognized it as Dork's. "I found snagged on a branch by the riverside. It is the only trace I found of Dork." Kara said: "When it was getting dark and you hadn't got back yet, we were worried."
"I see somebody was able to get a fire going," observed Kal.
"Yes, it was Vreg who figured out how to use the stone like Dork did to start a fire," Treg said, obviously proud of his sibling.

Treg and Vreg had been successful at hunting today, it seemed, and while Gut was preparing the deer for eating (he would start to tan the hides and cut off the antlers for Ta to use tomorrow), Vreg had extra time so he sat down with Dork's stone, where Sul had left thrown it down frustrated, and tried to copy Dork's movements when Vreg watched him make fire. After a couple of strikes with another stone Dork used, sparks flew from the stone onto the straw pile Sul had built up. As the straw pile smoked, Vreg gently blew on it, just like he had seen Dork do. Within a few minutes, a red flame came from the straw pile. Piling up the nearby wood around it, there was soon a nice little fire.

"I guess you are the new firemaker, Vreg," said Kal. Sul was not pleased with his failure at firemaking shown up in front of the tribe, but, at least, he wouldn't have to worry about that aggravating job now and could get back to what he knew---wolves. Of course, his day of search did not turn up anything anyway. He said he had used the wolves to follow Dork's scent and had followed it to the spot Kal found. "But when we got close, the
wolves clearly did not want to go there. Something was frightening them. It took the rest of the day just to calm them down."
"Interesting," said Kal. "I did see claw marks like that a large wolf the site. But why would they be afraid of another wolf? It looked like Dork's body had been dragged to the river. Did you find any trace of this "wolfpack" Ila was training?"
Sul: "No, but after what the wolves had been through today, they weren't ready to do anything anyway. I will try again tomorrow."

As he finished eating, Kal noticed that a kind of eerie silence had fallen over the group. But he couldn't tell what exactly was wrong. Probably because he was so tired. This had been a tiring week so far. "Treg, you have watch tonight. I am going to my furs and sleep."

Treg was kind of relieved to see Kal go to bed early. He obviously had not noticed the absence of the silent girl, yet. She was easily forgettable that way, thankfully. But tomorrow, he would surely notice and what will he say then. After an hour of patrolling, Treg lay down in a small meadow and looked up the sky. With that big circle in the sky, nothing could be hidden tonight. As his eyes were getting droopy, he reasoned:"My day was stressful too. I deserve a little rest. I will just shut my eyes for a few minutes." A few minutes turned into an hour. It would have been better if he had stayed asleep, because what woke him up were the teeth, crushing his neck, and the stench of some horrid beast. That was he could think of since in the next second, he felt his neck snap and then oblivion.

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I'm on Braingle far too long, I stay on the computer from dusk to dawn. Playing games and chatting with friends, the novelity of it never ends.
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Posted: 01:10PM Feb 4, 2013

Wow it's kinda dead in here.
I would say our wolf is one of our more active players, as he\she is very quick to decide who to eat. But now the question remains, who should I vote for?
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Posted: 03:35PM Feb 4, 2013

No pun intended, eh, Vreg?

God began calling the light Day, but the darkness he called Night.
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Posted: 08:50PM Feb 4, 2013

fairyboy wrote:
Wow it's kinda dead in here.
I would say our wolf is one of our more active players, as he\she is very quick to decide who to eat. But now the question remains, who should I vote for?
Agreed. So that definitely rules out kaushal197 and sunwolf (5-6 days since last log-in), leaving:

entrails (me)

But of that list, none of those people seem especially wolf-ish, except maybe taty because s/he hasn't posted anything yet. 4wheels is also a possible candidate because she hasn't posted enough for me to be able to tell, although those aren't really any grounds by which to judge someone's wolfishness, so I don't really know what to make of this.

--sorry for my late arrival, I have been quite busy today.

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Posted: 12:26AM Feb 5, 2013

I lost my brother!

As far as voting goes, I'm really undecided. Taty is pretty much inactive, having not voted the first round and voting the second round. Do the wolves know who the other wolves are? Cause if so, Taty would have known that a fellow wolf was up to be shot and might have wanted to lay low to not arouse suspicion. Just a thought.

Of course our wolf could be someone much more active, trying to help sway the vote.
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Posted: 07:56AM Feb 5, 2013

The rules say that the wolves know who the others are - that thing you said about Taty seems pretty reasonable to me. 4wheels doesn't seem like a wolf because she has just followed suit with everyone else for the votes so far, although maybe it's just because she's lucky that we haven't been able to figure out the wolf yet, otherwise she would try and sway the vote.

I'm gonna vote Taty for now because I don't know if I'll be home in time to see the end of the round, but if I am in time and see a helpful argument, I might change it.
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Posted: 12:56PM Feb 5, 2013

I think I will go with Taty as well. Hopefully we'll get our wolf this time.
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Posted: 11:26PM Feb 5, 2013

Are we the only two left playing? That's not cool. Why sign up for a game if you're not going to play?
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Posted: 01:32AM Feb 6, 2013

The sun (since I don't want to have to call it the "bright circle" or whatever they identified it as in their time) was almost overhead when the tribe started stirring. At first, Kal was confused about why he was asleep for so long and then he was mad no one woke him up until he saw that everyone was just getting up. On top of that, he had an annoying headache.
"How come you are not up with the cooking?" he asked Kara. She was usually the first one up to get breakfast going. She would have woken up the firemaker, now Vreg, to have a fire ready to start cooking when she brought back something from her "garden." But, as she realized how far along the day was already, she was feeling guilty though still groggy.
"I think we all have been affected by something," observed Gut. "Maybe something we ate last night?" He looked accusingly at Kara.
"I didn't add anything to that stew last night that I haven't added several times before, and you never had problems with my cooking before." Kara said, defensively.
"Oh stop bickering, and get us something to eat. Maybe we can think better with a full belly," Kal ordered, as much to get breakfast going as to get the tribe to be quiet for the sake of his aching head.
Vreg said: "I think Treg might have been affected, too. He hasn't come back yet from watch."
Kal grumbled."Fine, if he has had his beauty sleep while on watch last night, he should be well rested for hunting today. You can take his spear with you and wake him up so you can hunt some more, Vreg. We will need our food stash ready because of the cold time coming."

Midafternoon, Vreg returned to camp in hysterics. "Brother! My brother!" he kept crying out. It was awhile before Kal could calm him down enough to report what he had found. "Come, Ta, let us go see what happened and take care of the body." What Kal saw in the meadow was an even bloodier mess than what he found with Tog. It still made him cringe.

"Whatever creature did this is no ordinary wolf." Kal was reporting to tribe that evening. "First, it attacked Tog, a huge man who had fought a wolf by himself before. The next night it drags Dork off to the gods know where. But last night, it took its time to kill and eat Treg" (a groan from Vreg)"as if defying us to catch it."
Gut said: "Maybe it knew that we were all drugged and not going to wake up."
Kara: "If that's true, then someone among us must have drugged us and released the beast. But it could not have been Muta. We killed an innocent girl last night."
Kal: "That is what was off about the tribe. What have you done?" He glowered at the group until Gut explained the previous evening's "event."
"How dare you make such a decision without me. Even it felt urgent you should have waited for me. Anyone who saw the situation with Dork would know it could not have been her. Bah, I am so disgusted with you tonight. I can't be with you now. I am taking watch tonight and Sul will accompany me with the wolves. If that beast strikes again tonight, we will be ready. No more useless bloodshed." He tromped off into the night. Sul got the wolves together and followed him.

The four left sat looking at each other. Vreg broke the silence. "It had to be her. We know someone among us is leading this creature. So if it wasn't Muta, it is one of us."
Gut said:"There is one person here who knows about potions and drugs." He stared at Ta.
"Don't look at me like that! I am the messenger of the gods." said Ta.
Kara proclaimed: "Yes, but it was you who said the gods disfavored Muta, leading us to believe she was guilty. How convenient that you would know that! Didn't your stones tell you the truth, or maybe you don't truly represent the gods."
Vreg: "Kal told us not to take any more action until he returned." He sensed what was building here.
Gut: "You saw what the creature did to Treg. That is what that faker over there let loose last night. Your brother's blood is crying out for vengeance and you want to wait and possibly let this murderer get away? Because you know Kal is not going to do anything about it, because Ta is the 'shaman'."
All Vreg saw now was the monster himself in the person of Ta, a monster that killed his brother, a monster that needed to be stopped before he killed the whole tribe. The next instant his knife was deep in the chest of Ta, who was now trying to scream his pain. And Kara was screaming, too.
Gut knew that if Kal showed up now, Vreg would be next. He quickly moved to Ta and slit his throat to stop him screaming and then went to Kara and clamped his hand over her mouth until she stopped. He told her: "We must get ourselves together and help to save Vreg from Kal's wrath. We must come up with a plausible story of Ta's 'accident.'" Finally she nodded and said,"Yes, you're right, of course."
She looked at Vreg and saw him with a maniacal grin on his face.

God began calling the light Day, but the darkness he called Night.
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