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The Werewolf Game #2869

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This game is moderated by jpost. Please read the rules and contact the moderator with any questions or concerns about this game.

Voting Discussion
This game finished in 6 rounds.

Discussion of Round #6

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Posted: 09:12PM Feb 7, 2013

Aah, that was quite fun! It was too bad that the only other wolf was eliminated by a chance vote in the very first round - I was dismayed that I had no other allies and not only was it my first game ever, but I was also tasked with being the wolf!

It also didn't help at all that we had so many inactive players because it really kind of eliminated suspicion from them (kaushal, sunwolf). I realized this right after round 2 started, and I immediately felt bad about eating JJ (he was one of the only active people) - until I found out he was the Seer. Then I didn't feel so bad.

Anyway, I didn't think I was gonna make it through. I don't know that my wolf disguise was that good so I got lucky. phew!
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Posted: 11:23PM Feb 7, 2013

Entrails, you traitor you! I thought we were allies. I thought for a bit that it might be you but then I thought no, he's so helpful. You did a good job playing the part. Congrats on your win.
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Posted: 08:45AM Feb 8, 2013

Ack, I can't get back for a day and look what happens. I didn't get to finish the story. I will just have to synopsize it for future reference.

Kara, with no many innocent deaths on her hands, lost her mind when she found out about Kal and killed herself. Gut convinced Vreg that Sul was the culprit. After all, he was the wolf trainer of the group and would know how to control them better. While Vreg was intent on hunting down Sul, Gut now changed into wolf blindsided him. Sul, who had followed the tracks of the two remaining tribemates, arrived just in time to see the whole scene and knew the real truth. While the werewolf was busy dispatching Vreg, Sul stole back to the cave and drew on the wall what the fate of his tribe was. It was originally Ta's project to tell future generations of the tribe what it was like for earlier ones. Sul then realized the value of telling stories for future generations and figured once he had finished he would make a stand against Gut.
But with the moon beginning to wane, Gut knew this was the last night he could change this month and left Vreg for later. The stab wounds that Kal had given him the previous night healed well in his wolf form. But during the day, hiding his wounds from Vreg was difficult. Fortunately, Vreg's concentration was somewhere else. After the euphoria of killing and eating Vreg, the werewolf could smell the presence of Sul. He realized that the last tribe member had actually saw him for what he was. He now became top priority.
However, Gut had now lost the element of surprise so essential to his earlier conquests. Sul was ready for him. He had built up the fire at the cave entrance so high that the cave was hidden behind the flames. His howling frightened the domesticated wolves away, just as lesser wolves in a pack will run from the alpha male. Gut didn't like fire in his wolf form, but his quarry was on the other side. He ran and jumped over the flames into the spear that Sul was holding on the other side. Fortunately for Gut, the spear was crudely made and splintered under his weight. But the wound weakened him enough that it was a real fight with Sul. But, after getting impaled and badly burned, the werewolf rallied in the end finally took out the whole tribe.
It was six months before the hunters of the southern tribe ventured into their enemy's territory, curious since they had not been seen. It was very curious to see the cave with all the goods of the tribe stored, including a stash of cured meat. But it was the drawing on the wall that mystified them the most. One of the last drawings was a man with the head of a wolf, a very hideous wolf.

Thus the legend of a wolf-man begins. The next story will be a few centuries later as man gets civilized into villages, eventually forming an empire. Anyway, I apologize for not getting back here the last Day to finish the story properly. Even now they are turning off my power temporarily so I have to finish this comment later.

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God began calling the light Day, but the darkness he called Night.
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