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Who's the Boss Game #2867

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This game is moderated by snowmonster. Please read the rules and contact the moderator with any questions or concerns about this game.

Voting / Memo Discussion
This game finished in 8 rounds.

Discussion of Round #7

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Posted: 05:24AM Oct 24, 2012

Welcome to Round 7!

Frightening Fall Fatalities. . . . .

The Country was recovering from a hot, dry Summer, and looking forward to the rewards of Fall. Yes, Fall was here, bringing cooler days, chilly nights and the turning of leaves to the beautiful shades of red, orange, yellow and brown. You could smell Fall in the air, and it was delightful. Little did anyone know that there was a crazed maniac on the run . . . killing as they roam the country. . . . . who will be their next victim?

Unfortunately there were more than one victim. . . . . but no one has made the connection between the 4, yes 4 fatalities. . . . One main reason is because 3 of the victims, all from different areas of the country, kajish, from Hawaii, Spud from Idaho and talanpoe from California. . . . . were all reported missing, but never found. Some of their loved ones hold out hope that they will be found alive, but for Spud. . . . it's been almost 2 weeks. Hope is running out for these folks, and little does anyone know, that their dissapearances are all connected. the 4th victim, Babyjuice, who resided in Florida, was found hanging from an orange tree. . . . with a message pinned to her back. It read. . . . . for those that are unaware. . . . . she was in the wrong place, at the wrong time. . . . . how fortunate for me. The community Babyjuice was from, is hoping this is an isolated incident, little do they know, there's a mad murderer roaming the country, killing whoever they choose.

Meanwhile, north of Florida, in the beautiful state of Georgia, a family has reported their daughter missing. Unfortunately she, 4wheels, was found dead, along with her friends Chunnie and Rhythmic. They met every Thursday evening, in Chunnie's garage to practice. They were in a Heavy Metal Band that they had put together while still in High School. 4wheels was the drummer, chunnie played bass guitar and Rhythmic served as lead singer, and also played the harmonica. . . . they were a great band. But sadly, they were found dead . . . . 4wheels sitting at the drums, Chunnie still clutching his bass guitar and Rhythmic. . . . . standing at the mike, clutching his harmonica with his teeth. . . . all were still in place, as if they were still playing and singing. There was a note, hanging off the front of the drum set. . . it read - "Here's your next victims . . . . their crime? I don't like Heavy Metal." The police took this as a clue, and started thinking that maybe, just maybe these deaths were related to the others reported across the U.S. Then they received yet another call. . . . it was from Paul's wife, in New York City. . . . she reported that her husband did not make it home from work, and wanted to report him missing. The officer that took the call tried to reassure her, that maybe he was just working late, but she didn't buy it. She knew something bad had happened to her husband. . . . eventually, the police would realize this too. . . . . .

Meanwhile, in the state of TEXAS, in the beautiful city of Dallas, the town was preparing for the usual Fall festivities, such as Haunted Houses, Hay Rides, Bon Fires, Leaf Raking Parties and of course, Trick or Treating. Two friends 21Kaldridge21 and buu441 were out for an evening of fun, with a visit to a local Haunted House, then a party. The The Haunted House was unusual, because it was an actual house, that was suppose to be haunted, for real. The house had been abandoned for at least 20 years, when finally, a couple decided to buy the house and make it a business. It's only opened during the month of October, but draws thousands of people to it every year. With tickets being $10.00 each, the couple is pleased with their investment. All was going well, 21Kldridge21 and buu441 were half way through the house, when all of a sudden they step off the pathway to get a better look at a figure they see in the shadows. . . . . . suddenly the floor gives way, and they disappear. While they are falling, a loud howling laugh can be heard throughout the house. This even creeps out the owners of the house, because this is a sound, a voice. . . . .they've NEVER heard before. . . . . . Poor 21Kaldridge21 and buu441 have dropped two levels, deep into the pit of the cellar. . . . . . and will never be seen alive again. It is a week before their bodies are discovered, and with some thorough investigating, it is clear that the floor that had given way, was cut to give way . . . . . On the chest of buu441, there was a note pinned. It read. . . . didn't think I could make it to Texas from Georgia in such a short time, did you . . . . . now the authorities knew, they had a mass murderer on their hands.

Later that night, in Houston, JakeTad and nicats were working late at their local Denny's. They were both cooks and with it being close to Halloween, the manager decided to keep the restaurant open 24 yours. Workers were mixed on how they felt about this idea, as some welcomed the extra work, while others couldn't see the profit being made in doing this. . . . at least not because of Halloween. . . . but anyway, it was JakeTad's and nicats turn to work 3rd shift. Very slow night, with only a few people coming in for a meal. Around 2:30a.m., the lights started flickering. Thankfully there were no patrons in the dining area, just the two of them in the kitchen, and of course, the lone waitress and dishwasher. The workers were used to the lights flickering off and on, but for some reason, that night, it was as if someone was doing it intentional. Off and on, off and on . . . . . . then BAM, with a loud thump, yes, I said thump . . . . . the lights go out completely, and do not come back on. . . . . . all were calm, no one yelled out in fear. . . . . but after about 15 minutes and the lights returned. . . the waitress and dishwasher found themselves alone. . . . . JakeTad and nicats were gone. They called the police to report what had happened. While searching for evidence, a police officer finds a butcher knife in the sink, covered in blood. . .. . . . they rush it to the lab and it's confirmed. The blood belonged to JakeTad and nicats. In the sink, written in blood. . . . . . . . was a note that read, Texas is so large, I just had to have some more fun. . . . . catch me if you can.

This was getting out of hand. People were being murdered all over the country. The President was even called to ask if the Military should be involved, but the Commander in Chief, RGW4, said no. . . . not yet. He felt this better be left up to the FBI, CIA and PTA. . . . for now. Yes, I said PTA. . . . . He had a theory, but kept it to himself. As Commander in Chief, he understood that all he said would be either taken out of text, exaggerated or just ignored, so his suspicions and theories about what was going on, was never shared. The one thing he did share with his Vice President, Jayo, was that the Murderer had help. . . . he/she was NOT doing all this alone. Jayo, a very likable, yet poor excuse of a VP, agreed. . . . . . . While the FBI, CIA and PTA, yes, I said PTA were busy gathering information, sharing ideas, etc., a report from Kansas City came in. . . . . Husband and wife, Masonni and Bradon were murdered. . . . they were found on their small dairy farm. Their bodies were found in an underground cellar, one used for storage and safety. Their bodies in tact, with a simple note pinned to Bradons apron. . . . it read. . . . Is it my fault they were scared to death? Now what in the world could that mean. . . . as the local authorities looked for evidence, a scarecrow standing in the garden caught one of the young officers attention. Just out of curiosity, he went over to it to get a better look. Another note was pinned to the shirt and it read. . . . . I may stay in Kansas for a while, but beware, I may be watching YOU. . . . . as the officer read the note, he heard a whimper. . . . it was the couples beloved, little dog. . . it had been stuffed in the shirt, along with the leaves. . . . . . thankfully, one life was saved that day.

Once this new development reached the President, he decided that maybe the FBI, CIA and yes, PTA, needed additional help, but before he could sign the papers, he was murdered. Yes, our beloved Commander in Chief, our beloved President, shot through the heart, while out jogging with his bodyguard, HABS. . . . unfortunately, HABS, his longtime and favorite bodyguard, was also a victim of this crazed murderer. . . . no note was left, but on the Presidents answering machine, a message was left. . . . . it stated, that a President that talks. . . . . has elected to become the next victim. . . simple as that. Is this a riddle? Is it a clue? Or was the President simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. . . . .

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Posted: 06:13AM Oct 24, 2012

Jayo wasn't the boss. This doesn't make any sense. I'm not the boss, but everyone else is cleared. What's going on?
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Posted: 08:58AM Oct 24, 2012

RomanG417 wrote:
Jayo wasn't the boss. This doesn't make any sense. I'm not the boss, but everyone else is cleared. What's going on?
Well, as I recall, it was said that Python was only semi-cleared by 1 vote/firing (babyjuice).

I've said this before, but I once won as Boss thanks to one person saying they voted for me when they actually didn't; they showed up on my optional firing list that round, and I smiled. However, there were no notes from the grave in that game. I'm willing to trust baby actually did lock in a vote for Python, especially since she had the opportunity to say otherwise (about the lock-in or her actual vote).

So that means Bobbi, among others, is right and Roman is the Boss. Voting for Roman now.

"An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered." - Chesterton
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Posted: 01:29PM Oct 24, 2012

Yeah, I think so too Elios. I voted for Roman last round and I am still here. (You aren't on the firing list if you vote for the boss, ain't that right?). So I will vote for Roman again.

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Posted: 02:08PM Oct 24, 2012

Elios wrote:
Well, as I recall, it was said that Python was only semi-cleared by 1 vote/firing (babyjuice).

Wait a minute. I was just going through the rounds. PYTHON isn't cleared. Babyjuice voted for JakeTAD in the round she was fired. I don't know why we thought she voted for PYTHON. He has to be the boss then. I'm voting for PYTHON.
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Posted: 02:23PM Oct 24, 2012

babyjuice wrote in Round 1:
The boss can't fire those who vote for him/her, so I will change back to my original vote for PYTHON in the morning if we still don't hold majority. That way, at least of I'm fired, PYTHON will be cleared.
The very last voting list shows her voting for Python, and Python himself even said he would "return the favour" by voting for her (bj).

My concern now is, though, did babyjuice actually change her vote? She said she'd do it in the AM if we didn't keep the majority on Jake, and this clear Python. But there's no in-game post or mention in her note from the dead about actually making the change .. or not. *facepalm*

I still think it's Roman, but wow .. I'm not as certain as I was earlier.

"An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered." - Chesterton
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Posted: 02:40PM Oct 24, 2012

I don't think babyjuice could have been fired if she was the only one voting for PYTHON. The only people put on the firing list are those who vote for the employee with a majority, aren't they?
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Posted: 04:06PM Oct 24, 2012

That's an excellent question.

The way people are always avoiding majority votes, it would appear that only those voting for the Candidate are on the firing list. But I don't know for sure that that's how it actually works.... The way the rules read, anyone who doesn't vote for the Boss would be on the firing list. Or am I remembering/interpreting the rules wrong?

That'd be key here. If babyjuice was fired because she voted in the majority (never changed her vote to Python), then Roman and Python are up for grabs as far as being the Boss.

This is going to take more work and "research" time than I have right now. I'll try to review it all before the end of the round (I'm also in the middle of a move, so my night is kinda busy). Vote is still on Roman for now.

"An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered." - Chesterton
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Posted: 06:35PM Oct 24, 2012

Ok, I'm using my dinner break to make a voting decision. The round will end while I'm still asleep, so I can't be involved in any last-minute machinations.

The Rules Say:
Whoever gets a majority of the votes is called the Candidate. In the case of a tie, there may be multiple Candidates. ... If the Candidate is not The Boss, then everyone who voted for the Candidate is called a Lemming.

Firing List: The Firing List contains the following people: 1. Lemmings 2. The Rat 3. Anyone that the moderator adds to the list for rule infraction or disorderly conduct. ... If you voted for The Boss, you cannot be put on the Firing List.
Roman is right: babyjuice must not have changed her vote, meaning she voted for Jake and was on the Lemmings list. All this time, Python hasn't been cleared.

After skimming through previous rounds, most players seemed to suspect Roman; no one really said anything about suspecting Python. I kind of feel Python's been more quiet than usual this game. But, it has been awhile since I've played with him, so maybe that's just how he plays. Ugh, I don't know.

Whoever the Boss is, you played a great game! I'm leaving my vote on Roman. Sorry to the other Employees if I'm wrong... Hopefully one of the other 2 remaining Employees (assuming the Rat isn't here of course) will make the right decision!

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"An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered." - Chesterton
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Posted: 12:06AM Oct 25, 2012

Folks, look at my playing history of this game. It is quite new to me as I have played in very few games. I am still learning how to play. Elios, trust me. I am not the Boss. I believe Baby must have voted for me. The reason I have been quiet throughout is because I am still trying to pick this up. The Boss knows that I am not really a serious threat, thats why I have probably lasted so long. I am not sure if the rat is still here or not, I suspect that it is. My vote stays with Roman.

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Posted: 03:10AM Oct 25, 2012

My vote is on Roman too, we have the Rat proof majority now so we should be okay

Dovie'andi se tovya sagain
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